Watermark Home Loans NMLS 1838

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We’ve created a boutique mortgage banking platform tailored to well-established, highly qualified originators allowing them to make more money and grow their business.

The Watermark Way:

  • Same Production with Increased Profits:  We are committed to our branches at the highest level, and we give our managers and originators not only the tools to succeed, but a culture where they are never held back. We work with our branches to build the branch in the most profitable way possible. We help with setting branch margins, establishing LO compensation, reviewing expenses and developing a winning business plan. We don’t open branches, we help talented mortgage professionals build their own business.
  • Dedicated A-Players at Every Level:  Most mortgage companies have a mentality to open as many branches as possible and see how many survive. This philosophy leads to cumbersome systems designed to protect the company from the mistakes by the lowest common denominator.  We only open branches that are managed by seasoned professionals that share our core values. We then support our branches with an operations team that is just as qualified. Our operations team has been built by constantly top-grading and ensuring that the people in operations are just as talented as our people in sales.
  • Personal Coaching from a $100MM Producer and His Proven Playbook:  In our opinion, most coaching programs miss the mark. These programs are expensive and fail to deliver significant results or the company you are at doesn’t allow you to implement the strategies.  Regan Hagestad (Vice President of Watermark Home Loans) will build a personal business plan for each branch, conduct weekly coaching calls and provide a company culture that allows you to implement your personal plan for success. Regan also helps coach individual loan officers and provide unlimited access to the playbook that has allowed him to become of of the top originators in the nation.
  • Unique Concierge Operations Support:  You will have a dedicated operation liaison assigned to your branch. At the end of each day, you will connect with your Liaison to put together a plan for the next day and they will coordinate with underwriting, docs and funding. They are also available to assist with rushes or issues that may pop up. Our branches don’t have to go through layers and layers of communication to get a response or answer. They pick up the phone/send an email to a single point of contact and they get an answer right away.

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